Brief Overview and Early Life

Shivon Zilis, who was born on February 8th, 1986, in Markham, Ontario,  Canada, developed a strong interest in science and technology as a young child. At Unionville in Markham, she finished high school. Shivon received funding for both her academic and athletic endeavors and graduated from Yale University in 2008 with degrees in philosophy and economics. She developed an early interest in computers and programming, and she spent a significant portion of her childhood investigating the potential of the then-emerging field of technology.

Shivon Zilis is a well-known businesswoman, investor, and philanthropist who has had a big impact on the venture capital and artificial intelligence industries. The Canadian band Our Lady Peace initially piqued Zilis’ interest in artificial intelligence, but he eventually became interested in Ray Kurzweil’s book The Age of Spiritual Machines (1999). 

Shivon began her professional life in Silicon Valley after earning her degree, where she worked as a product manager for a number of tech firms. After that, she started investing in startups in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Work in artificial intelligence and machine learning

Shivon Zilis is well known for her groundbreaking work in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. She has actively participated in funding and developing cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to revolutionize the industry as an entrepreneur and investor.

Shivon’s involvement with OpenAI, a research group dedicated to advancing AI technology in a secure and advantageous manner, has been one of her most noteworthy contributions. Vicarious, Orbital Insight, and Trifacta are just a few of the other AI and machine learning startups in which she has invested.

Achievements Of Shivon Zillis

Shivon has not only made investments but has also started her own research projects, looking into new ways to use AI and machine learning in industries like healthcare, energy, and education. She has paved the way for a more creative and sustainable future through her work, which has significantly advanced the field.

Shivon Zilis co-founded Bloomberg Beta, an investment company that specializes in early-stage startups, in 2013. She oversaw the company’s investments in the AI and ML space while serving as its managing director. 

Shivon Zilis is also one of the authors of the significant report “State of AI,” which offers a summary of the most recent developments in AI and their potential effects on various industries. The report has received numerous citations and has been highlighted in prestigious publications like Forbes and The New York Times.

Shivon Zilis also speaks out strongly in favor of ethical AI development. She is a board member for a number of groups that support ethical AI, such as the Partnership on AI and the Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative at the Harvard Berkman Klein Center.

Net Worth Of Shivon

Shivon Zilis is well known for her innovative work in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Shivon Zilis’ net worth is projected to range between $5 and $15 million as of 2023. This is based on her successful background as an investor, board member, and entrepreneur. She has made numerous profitable investments in early-stage businesses, and the tech sector has acknowledged her achievements. In 2015, she was listed as a founding member of Bloomberg Beta on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

Personal Life of Shivon Zilis

In terms of her private life, Shivon Zilis is a private person. However, according to court documents that were obtained in July 2022 from Travis County, Texas, Shivon Zilis and Elon Musk gave birth to twins in November 2021. Executives claimed that in vitro fertilization (IVF) was used to create them. Despite the criticism he has received, she said in 2020 that Musk is the person she admires the most. Musk and Zilis listed the same Austin address in court documents to register the twins’ names, according to those documents.

Contribution to Venture Capital

In the world of venture capital, Shivon Zilis is a well-respected personality who is renowned for her keen eye for promising startups and her capacity to recognize and support the most original and significant ideas.

Shivon has invested primarily in businesses involved in artificial intelligence and machine learning because she recognizes the enormous potential for these technologies to revolutionize a variety of industries. Vicarious, Orbital Insight, and OpenAI are just a few of the well-known startups in this field in which she has made investments. 

Shivon is renowned for her dedication to mentoring and education as well. She works closely with aspiring business owners to help them gain the knowledge and abilities necessary to thrive in the fiercely competitive field of venture capital. Shivon has paved the way for a more creative and dynamic industry through her contributions to the field, which have helped to shape the future of technology and entrepreneurship.

Philanthropic Activities

Shivon has taken a leading role in several charitable projects, such as the Zilis Family Foundation, which promotes entrepreneurship and education in underprivileged areas of the world. She has also supported initiatives to protect endangered species and advance animal welfare by working with groups like the Humane Society and the World Wildlife Fund.

Shivon is dedicated to encouraging sustainable practices in the tech sector, working to lessen the environmental impact of technology, and pushing businesses to use more sustainable business models, in addition to her charitable work. Shivon has shown a strong commitment to having a positive impact on the world through her charitable work, and her efforts continue to motivate others to follow in her footsteps.

9 Less Known Facts About Shivon Zilis

  • Shivon is Canadian (Caucasian) by her father’s side and Punjabi Indian by her mother’s.
  • Ice hockey was Zilis’s sport of choice when she was in school, and she was looking for a hockey scholarship to get into Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Due to her strong performance on her high school exam, she was awarded both a sports scholarship and an academic scholarship.
  • She co-founded Bloomberg Beta, an early-stage venture capital firm funded by Bloomberg L.P., in March 2011 with Roy Bahat, Karin Klein, and James Cham. 
  • In June 2012, Shivon was appointed to the Global Community Charter School’s Board.
  • Shivon became a charter member of C100 in March 2014. Supporting Canadian technology investment and entrepreneurship is C100, a non-profit group that is member-driven.
  • In a number of significant organizations, including the Vector Institute in Toronto, Canada, and the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), also in Alberta, Canada, she has held a board member position.
  • She then joined Neuralink, a company that creates implantable brain-machine interfaces in neurotechnology.
  • From 2017 to 2019, she also served as a project director for the Tesla Inc. Autopilot product and chip design team.
  • With one of the best save percentages in history, Zilis was a goalie for the Yale University varsity women’s ice hockey team.

Final Words

With a focus on education, animal welfare, and climate change, Shivon Zilis’ philanthropic work has led her to invest in some of the most innovative and ground-breaking startups in the field. She is an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Shivon has established herself as a leading voice in the field thanks to her dedication to diversity and inclusion and her enthusiasm for encouraging sustainable practices in the tech sector. Her commitment to athletic endeavors, along with her passion for music, travel, and cooking, give her character depth and richness.

In general, Shivon Zilis is a real inspiration and role model who shows how creativity, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy can all work together to improve the world.



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