Oppo f1s price in Pakistan

Oppo f1s price in Pakistan

The Oppo F1s is an older phone model and there seems to be some conflicting information about its current in . Here What I found:

  • Some sources list the around PKR 12500price of oppo f1s in.
  • Others mention a much higher price of PKR 30899oppo f1s price in ON Mega.Pk mega.pk.
  • This significant difference suggests the phone is likely being sold by individual sellers not through official Oppo channels.

Here Why the price might be important:

If you’re considering buying a new Oppo phone:

The F1s is a much older model and for the price you might see it listed at especially the higher price you could likely get a newer phone with better features and performance. It best to look at Oppo official website or trusted retailers for their current offerings.

If you’re looking to sell your Oppo F1s:

The price discrepancy highlights the importance of researching the current market value before setting a price. You can check online marketplaces like OLX to see what other sellers are asking for similar phones in similar condition.

Overall it important to consider the phone age and condition when determining the Oppo F1s price in Pakistan.

Oppo f1s price in Pakistan
Oppo f1s price in Pakistan


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