Oppo f1s price in Pakistan

Oppo f1s price in Pakistan

The is an older phone model and there seems to be some conflicting information about the current in . Here what I found:

  • Some sources list the price around 12500 PKR which seems more realistic considering the phone age.
  • Other sources mention a much higher price up to 30899 PKR). This could be due to outdated information or sellers asking a premium for a used phone in good condition.

Importance of Oppo F1s Price in Pakistan:

The price is important because the Oppo F1s is a budget phone and knowing the current price helps you decide if it a good value for your money. Here why considering the price is important:

Finding the best deal:

With some variance in price you can compare offers from different retailers to get the best deal.

Value for money:

Since it an older model newer phones will likely offer better features and performance at a similar price point.

Here are some additional things to consider before buying an Oppo F1s:


If you’re considering a used phone be sure to check its condition carefully to ensure it in good working order.

Availability of spare parts:

As an older model finding replacement parts like batteries or screens might be more difficult and expensive.

Software updates:

The phone might not receive the latest software updates which can be a security concern.

Oppo f1s price in Pakistan
Oppo f1s price in Pakistan


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