Trigoxin – Reality of this Green Pill

Story Behind Trigoxin

You might be wondering the same thing as us if you’ve watched Run on Hulu: What is Trigoxin and is it a real drug? Run has surpassed all other original films on Hulu in terms of viewership since its November 20 premiere.

Sarah Paulson plays Diane in the film. Diane is the mother of Chloe who is a teenager who suffers from diabetes, hemochromatosis, paralysis and arrhythmia. Chloe uses a wheelchair and takes a variety of pills that her mother gives her each day as a result of her illnesses. Chloe isn’t actually ill though. As viewers discover that Chloe has been receiving a mysterious green pill from Diane ever since she was a young girl. When Chloe asks her mother what the pill is  Diane responds that it is Trigoxin a heart medication that is a red pill rather than the green ones Chloe has been receiving from her mother. When Chloe snuck away from her mother and asked a pharmacist what the green pill was she discovered that it was a canine muscle relaxant that if consumed by humans could result in leg paralysis.

The Trigoxin Pill: Is It Real?

Trigoxin is a figment of the imagination. There is no medicine by this name in real life. It should be noted that this pill was made only for the movie. But there may be different types of drugs that can have the effect of this drug. The effects of the drug Trigoxin are very similar to the effects of the drug called Digoxin. The reason Digoxin pills are similar to Trigoxin pills is that they increase the strength and efficiency of the heart. Digoxin is a drug used to control heart rate and rhythm leading to better heart circulation. The green pill from the film resembles lidocaine. When used the medication lidocaine causes numbness in the targeted area.

I am attempting to clarify this situation for you because I am aware that you are a little perplexed.

Another Name Of Trigoxin Tablet?

It is also known as Digoxin a real drug that is made from the Digitalis plant and used to treat people with weak heartbeats. But despite being a name derived from digoxin, trigoxin is not a real medication.

In the film Run this name is used. This tablet also has this name because of how it behaved in the film. If you’ve seen the movie you might be aware that Chloe has been receiving this medication from Diane since she was a young child. Digoxin is a member of the class of medications known as Cardiac Glucosides which are all used to treat heart-related conditions.

Is Trigoxin Given To Animals?

Trigoxin is not a medication that can be given to animals. Both dogs and humans are given this medication which is known as digitoxin. In the case of animals, the medications given are most comparable to the local anaesthetic drug Trigoxin.

These anaesthetic medications can cause your legs to become numb and are used to treat sunburns, blisters and other conditions. The drug is described by the Mayo Clinic as having liquid forms as well but it is typically administered as pills.


The Trigoxin drug featured in the film Run is a fake. Drugs that are frequently abused in movies are not readily available in real life. There may be drugs used with bad intentions but these drugs are hard to find in pharmacies and are used to numb painful areas. These medications are typically only available with a prescription and come in the form of injections, ointments or sprays rather than pills.

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